Decided to get back into socials a little bit. I reddit from time to time but never post, so doesn’t really count in my book.

Twitter is in the news lately, paired closely with the name Musk. Reflecting on the service, I never really gave it the chance it deserved. There is definitely utility in the way the service operates. With this in mind, I do take issue with the way the service currently functions and the way it attempts to monetize its user’s attention for ad revenue. I understand that businesses need to profit to continue to exist, but the way the utility of the service is affected by the company’s efforts to profit is a big turnoff in a lot of ways. I have suspicion that this aspect will worsen when/if Musk takes over.

So naturally this line of thinking eventually led me to Mastodon. The federated aspects of mastodon allow intercommunication between all of the individual instances on the network, and this is perfect for people who prefer self-hosting, such as your author. Instead of just finding a home where I can hang-out with other like minds, I decided to spin up my own instance. I did consider for quite a while, but ultimately, I am a big fan of self-hosting, so here we are. It is easy to follow each other regardless of what instance you choose to make an account on. You’re welcome to join mine, if you like!

Individuals of the internet, I give you: - Mastodon

This is just an experiment, but if the service starts acquiring users, I pledge to keep it running as long as I am able. I recognize that there is a strong chance that my service won’t even be noticed let alone attract active users. There’s some cheesy saying about missing shots you don’t take, but I’ll spare the audience (this time). Ultimately there are no rules on this service as of yet, but hopefully the local timeline will have much Star Wars related content or references. Any and all are welcome at this point, as long as you’re not spewing hate speech or otherwise piss me off.

If you care to follow my random and intermittent (and thankfully shorter) ramblings on mastodon, you can find me here: Jack (@[email protected]) - Mastodon. The idea is to share my thoughts, but I am sure that my feed will mostly be interesting cybersecurity articles and news.

If you’d like to join the mastodon instance, you can do so here!

Next on the list is some a matrix homeserver for the domain. I’ll post here as progress happens!

Edit: 7/25/2022

Both services are currently live and accepting new members. Matrix accounts are generated at request of the user.