I’ve made my first GitHub repo, after being a member of that site for roughly 7 years! I usually consider the creations I’ve made to fit my needs to be unworthy of sharing - but perhaps that is shortsighted of me. I am not really trying to share these things, per say, but instead I feel that creating some breadcrumbs for myself might be an interesting endeavor.

As I see it, the more that I can commit to resources like public repos on GitHub, the more I will have to reflect upon my journey with technology. I find it is easy to lose sight of the progress that one makes with efforts such as these. Perhaps this will help me to visualize my efforts, to a degree.

Anyways, this repo is basically a configuration for building a docker container with cloudflare dns module and a realip plugin that supports cloudlfare’s CDN, built for the ARM64 architecture. I use this container as the front end to my RPI4 cluster that is running the majority of services on this domain.

I previously used traefik, and have recently decided to make the switch. In part to familiarize myself with the Caddy project - but also due to various reasons that I could maybe expound upon in a future post.

That’s all for now - if you read this far, thanks for your time. If you care to check out this project, it is hosted on both GitHub and Docker Hub

Edit 7/25/2022

That repo is gone but the experience convinced me of the usefulness of making my stuff public, even if its not getting used, at least there is some record of my activity. With that being said, please check my repos if you care to (links on the sidebar!)