Well, it didn’t take long for me to tire of Ghost! Ultimately I got tired of running a vps for a dynamic site that I hardly ever updated.

Enter Hugo

I hear static sites are the new in thing, so why not go back to my HTML/CSS roots? Honestly, I hate writing/debugging CSS/HTML - so I took an easier route and used the authoring tool Hugo. Writing my posts is much easier now, thanks to the simplicity of markdown language!

Continuous is a good thing

Decided to wrap this authoring/content creation into the skills I’ve been building for CI/CD. I hope to have a build pipeline for this site that automates the generation of the static HTML when I update the content repo. But for now, this is just fully static and I’ll deploy manually. I will definitely make some posts outlining the gitlab runner I devise to automate the HTML generation, whenever I get around to it!!