Finding time to create content is one of the major struggles for individuals in my general situation. I have a ton of ambition, and motivation - and I’ve worked on building discipline to follow through on efforts that I begin. I feel like I have all of the pieces (mostly) in place at this point.

The next obstacle on the path is finding the time to devote to the tasks. It isn’t really that I lack downtime, but more that I have so many things I try to cram into my downtime that I get next to none of it actually accomplished. So prioritization is another focus of mine currently. Trying to utilize my finite temporal resources in the most advantageous ways possible. This may or may not lead to positive results.

I hope to put out some content on this site once a week. This simple post is actually published one week after the site was brought online. More often than not it’ll continue to be simple posts like this one, where I just take a few quiet moments to distill my thoughts into a few lines of text, mainly for my future self to read and reflect upon.

Here’s hoping my future self is reaping the rewards of the efforts I am currently putting forth.