I’m an excellent procrastinator, and I am able to find many things to distract me from stuff that I should be focusing on. Currently one of my classes involves writing cybersecurity policy documents. Despite how much I enjoy CySec, this portion of school is an absolute bore and it takes so much effort to get through the assignments each week.

So of course, I decided to put that important coursework on the back burner, so to speak, and focus on migrating my services from the single Raspberry Pi 4 4GB that was running EVERYTHING, to a cluster that I built! The cluster consists of 4 workers, and 1 manager. See the image on this post for the current distribution of services.

The RPI 4GB became the manager, and the workers are each RPI4 B+ 8GB. So far I can definitely see the benefit from running my containerized workloads in the swarm vs managing services individually. Faster to orchestrate and the services themselves seem more responsive. As such, I’ve decided to link my services on this page here, maybe some random internet users would be interested in some free cloud storage or a free bitwarden host with all the enterprise features turned on.

With that being said, I have to now focus on writing this Asset Management chapter of my Cyber Security manual. Absolutely mind numbing.