Edit: 7/25/2002

We’re no longer on WordPress but most of this post is still relevant. A lot changes in a year!!

Why is this here?

Well I’m going to try this WordPress thing again for a bit I suppose. I hope to use this as a repository for material I find interesting, and a place to compile my thoughts on various subjects.

When I had attempted to blog in the past, I always deleted this post and then struggled for inspiration for an initial post. The site then languished, and eventually I took it offline in the interest of running a few less containers on the under-powered and over-utilized system that I invariably use to run my services.

Who Am I Anyway?

At the time of this writing, I am a 37 year old father, freelance IT Professional, and full-time college student. I’ve long felt that I should compile my thoughts in a form that I can later reflect on, and you are reading my attempt at making that feeling a reality.

I have a lot of goals I hope to achieve in the future, and sometimes I struggle choosing which goal to give the most focus. I am currently beginning the first semester of a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) program at SPC in Florida. I am a lifelong Cyber Security and Linux operating system enthusiast and I am working towards utilizing my experience in a professional capacity after completing my degree program. In addition, I have several game concepts in mind that I’d like to bring to life through Unity and Blender. Which unfortunately means I need to LEARN Unity and Blender. I suppose that is a slight exaggeration, as I am pretty capable in Unity already and have a solid working understanding of c#. Blender is another story though, I need a lot of work there. Perhaps I will share here some of the progress I have been making, once I’ve begun to make it… If I begin to make it!

I do a lot of tinkering with my infrastructure and it tends to derail some of my efforts at productivity. I learn a lot in the process of these diversions, so I do not view them as complete obstacles. Just one of the many things I need to work on, in the effort of increasing my productivity and progress towards the goals that I want to achieve.

Final thoughts

I intend on keeping this blog lighthearted while also containing informative and thoughtful content centered around my personal experiences. I hope that I can connect with some of you that choose to read these posts, although, perhaps this is naivety on my part. Truly, I hope this is the first step on a path that will lead to a more fulfilling experience in my limited time here on Earth. One thing I’ve learned thus far, is the experience is definitely more fun when it is being shared.

I invite you to leave a comment and share something about yourself with me, if you’re so inclined!