So I have my current class schedule broken into two sets of two accelerated classes. This results in a fulltime student amount of work but its more focused and intensive on the two classes at a time. The classes are condensed to an 8-week format, which basically means I have done two weeks of 16-week class work each week. The format is working very well for me, but at the end of the accelerated class it always feels like an absolute mountain of work that needs doing.

As I write this, I have 2.5 pieces of my cybersecurity policy manual yet to write. It is due tomorrow at midnight. Each segment would be written over a week in a regularly scheduled class. I am certain I will complete the assignment in time.

It has been a month since I’ve had any time to even look at my poor little blog. I feel like it has been a little neglected recently. I guess there is an ebb and flow to all things. But I am committed to the various projects I am currently involved in, this little blog included. So I will continue to write random posts when I find myself with a moment and thinking about how I should’ve probably written something by now.

Maybe at some point I’ll actually write something of merit - hah!