Starting out great, its been two weeks since an update. I am starting my bachelors program, specializing in cyber security, and its definitely a high workload. 50-60 hours a week, easily.

My kid broke her arm last week. We can’t get her into the doctor to set the bone, because of living in Delta Variant Central (FL). Also had a covid scare over the weekend, one of the kids in class has tested positive.

I am just keeping my head down, working hard, trying to make a little money and improve my skill set in the process.

I finally got a solid backup system in place, using restic to snapshot on my NAS. All of my services and databases will now have daily backups, with a retaining policy that lets me restore from 3 yearly, 12 monthly, 8 weekly, 7 daily snapshots. Hopefully this will let me go back far enough to restore whatever I need.

I want to write some tech posts detailing my setups and the scripts I use to automate the process - but finding the time will be the issue as always. I’ll get there eventually!!