I am constantly working on my “homelab” and home network infrastructure, adding and removing bits as they are needed or when they break. I usually work to keep my systems as power efficient as possible, in the hopes of running a few services without impacting my power bill too heavily. I am currently running this website and all of the jacks.link services on a single raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu 20.04, with storage provided by a QNAP NAS also running ubuntu 20.04.

The NAS has 3 WD Red 2TB HDDs, which are used in a zfs raidz2 pool. There is an SSD that pulls double duty housing the root partition as well as a cache partition for the zfs pool.

I recently checked the load distribution on my systems and realized the NAS has some resources that are not being utilized fully, so I am going to tinker once more and split some of the containerized applications off of the raspberrypi 4, running them on the NAS instead. I think I am going to try to run the Nextcloud on the NAS directly

Ideally I would reorganize my services into a cluster of rpi4’s in order to get more experience with docker swarm and kubernetes. Right now due to time and budget constraints, I will most likely just continue to use the machines I’ve got on-hand and the cluster setup will remain a dream for a bit longer.