My school has sponsorship for participation in the NCL, and I am pretty excited about it. I have plenty of security oriented experience that I’ve garnered from toying with systems in my home lab. Learning the ins and outs of security is pretty dull when not applying the knowledge, so I strive to have a safe place to practice my skills. A fresh environment with new challenges has me fired up for sure.

The downside is that it is just another time commitment on top of my already packed schedule. 50 - 60 hours a week for class work alone. 10 - 20 hours for the NCL competitions on the weeks they are running, but likely will put in similar time in the NCL gym for the weeks leading up to the competition. Also have two part time jobs that I need to work in some place in this schedule. Not much room for sleep in there!

This is yet again a boring journal post, but I think at some point I might enjoy reading these as a sort of time capsule.

Next post is going to be tech related for sure. Maybe I’ll outline my backup solution, or detail my plans for my home raspberry pi cluster.