Senior Webmaster | Timing system operator
2005-01-01 - present
Fast Swim Results Professional timing and scoring services for swimming competition
Land O Lakes, FL

Responsibilities include maintaining the web presence, and submitting results and updates in a timely fashion. Primary timing system operator with in-depth understanding of multiple industry leading sports timing systems.

  • Hosted using Oracle Linux 8.7 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Website is maintained using DevOps approach utilizing GitLab CI
  • Ability to focus when accurate decisions are required in high pressure situations
  • Over 15 years experience timing USA Swimming competitions
  • Regularly travel across the state and country to run events and provide training
Senior Linux Engineer
2021-05-01 - 2022-05-01
4SINFOSEC Simple Secure Scalable Solutions
Palm Harbor, FL

Contract Position. Responsible for Linux system auditing, penetration testing, hardening, as well as various forms of evaluation to effectively secure system operation and align with industry standards, while striving to maintain maximum efficiency and performance.

  • Leveraged Ansible to align client servers with industry starndard security baselines (CIS)
  • Delivered reliable assessment data to clients with no impact to business operation
  • Improved security assessment scores by more than double, from 34% to >80% passing
Interface Lead TSS
2007-04-01 - 2016-03-01
SCC Soft Computer Premier Laboratory Information Systems Vendor
Clearwater, FL

Responsible for assessing and resolving medical instrument interface issues for post-live (production) clients. Primarily this involved configuration of c applications in Unix environments. Frequently provided training to the broader SCC support teams, and would work with newly hired employees in training capacity within the Interfaces department.

  • Supported critical Unix/Linux applications
  • Recognized as a Subject Matter Expert for medical instrument interfaces
  • Ability to work well with backend developers to quickly isolate and identify bugs


Cybersecurity (Bachelor of Applied Science)
2020-06-01 - 2023-06-01


  • CGS2811 - Incident Response & Disaster Recovery
  • CIS1358 - Operating System Security
  • CIS2352 - Ethical Hacking
  • CIS3083 - Cloud Computing Foundations
  • CIS3661 - Security Architectures
  • CIS4200 - Security Penetration Testing
  • CIS4219 - Human Aspects of Cyber Security
  • CIS4253 - Ethics for Information Technology
  • CIS4776 - Cyber Warfare
  • CTS1314 - Network Defense/Countermeasures
  • CTS4124 - Threat Detection and Mitigation
  • CNT3421 - Securing the Cloud
  • ISM4321 - Strategic Cybersecurity Enforcement
  • ISM4323 - Security Essentials
  • ISM4329 - Incident Investigation and Forensics
  • ISM4330 - Information Security Policy Administration & Management
  • ISM4573 - Compliance and Data Governance
Computer Networking Technology (Associate of Sciences)
2002-06-01 - 2004-06-01



Administrative Official
2012-01-01 - present

USA Swimming is the governing body of the sport of Swimming in the USA.

  • Regularly trains officials seeking advancement/promotion


Top 500 National Cyber League (NCL) Player
Cyber Skyline

Placed 186th out of 6021 players in the 2022 Fall National Cyber League individual game.

Top 500 National Cyber League (NCL) Player
Cyber Skyline

Placed 184th out of 6021 players in the 2022 Spring National Cyber League individual game.



  • Linux System Administration (Master)

    OpenZFS, BTRFS, RAID, Custom Kernel, Shell Scripting, Automation, Security, RHEL, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Slackware, Alpine, Gentoo, NixOS

  • Cyber Security Engineering (Proficient)

    TLS, IAM, PKI, PGP, GNUPG, Server, Endpoint, Network, BlueTeam, Assessment, Alignment, Monitoring, AlienVault, Wazuh, OSSEC, SCAP Profiles, RedTeam, Nessus, Metasploit, OWASP Zap, SecurityOnion, Kali

  • Network Engineering (Competent)

    OSI Layers, Subnetting, Routing, Switching, TCP/IP, BGP, STP, pfsense, OPNSense, Security

  • DevOps Administration (Competent)

    Git, Automation, Containerization, Rootless, Docker, Podman, k3s, CI/CD, GitLab, Ansible, Helm, Security

  • Programming (Journeyman)

    Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#, Shell Scripting


  • English — Native speaker




2012-12-13 - present
Jack's Linux Home Lab (Linux Home Lab) Private infrastructure continuously maintained and upgraded. Designed with isolated environments for security testing, malware analysis, machine learning, and data forensics. Used primarily as a testbed for learning and practically applying the latest software and technology.
Jack's Home Lab
  • Sophisticated Network design utilizing OPNSense firewall and network segmentation/isolation
  • Currently exists as a cloud-hybrid design with NAS and several RaspberryPi4 on an overlay network with several cloud servers hosted at OCI
  • Previously consisted of a Docker swarm cluster running on 6 RaspberryPi 4 B boards, powered thru PoE
  • Previously consisted of two Dell PowerEdge R710 2U servers and spare PCs

Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Proxmox, FreeBSD, OPNSense, Containers, Docker, Podman, k3s, WebApp Services, ELK Stack, WAZUH

2022-12-18 - present
Crackerjack Codes (application services) Private CI/CD Infrastructure and Matrix instance
  • Globally accessible private infrastructure designed for cost effectiveness and scalability
  • Built using primarily Open Source software and technologies
  • Seamless integration of endpoints, servers, and security controls that work in concert to deliver a host of resiliant services

Hybrid Cloud, Oracle Linux 8, DevOps, Web Hosting, GitLab, TailScale, Matrix

2022-05-04 - 2023-01-07
Nerfherders.io (community) Public Mastodon and Matrix instance, now offline.
  • Hosting federated services for the public for nearly a year
  • Built an extensive infrastructure
  • Re-organized and re-secured infrastructure as needs demand

Mastodon, Matrix, Fediverse